Bathed, brushed and ready to roll!

Once upon a time, tucked away in an old Tennessee castle, there happened a cozy book signing by a three hearth fire under a mantle tall enough to frame a Rockwell-worthy gathering of friends, family… and Otis fans!  That’s what’s on the agenda for today.  Otis has had a luxurious bathing and brushing, and nice long sleepy snuggle, and he’s ready to show you his snow-white fur tie and his happily panting polka-dotted tongue.  Take a read of the excerpt from Chapter 7 now posted – and learn even more about the blessing of this loyal companion, and then put all the family in the car and come love on Otis in person! (Please click here for a previous post including the invitation and details.)

Special note: While portions of the tale of Otis are fiction, the bones of the story are very real.  To that end, Nashvillians will take Chapter 7 quite personally, as it refers in specific detail to the Great Flood we all weathered nearly four years ago.  Blessings to all of you who were affected, and to those who reached out to lend a hand.  Unexpected, rushing waves of fallen waters brought this town together in 2010, and brought Otis to our family.

Thank you again, and again, and always for following Otis on this journey to publication.

Here’s the up close and personal proof of his sweet dreams last night, resting before his big day today!

Otis snout upclose


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