Otis Goes to… the Alabama Book Festival!

Otis and his mini-sidekick, Oxford, were enjoying some Spring Break exploring while visiting family in Atlanta, Georgia, and the phone rang.  We looked with sincere curiosity at the Alabama area code and unfamiliar phone number on the caller ID.  Answering with a “Hello?” in a truly who’s-there?-sort of tone, I received the great news that Otis Goes to School was accepted to the 2014 Alabama Book Festival.  We are thrilled at the chance to introduce Otis to a whole new audience, and for the specific invitation to bring the real Otis, in all his smiley-panting, furry-faced glory, to meet and greet the Festival’s guests.

If you are going to be in Montgomery, Alabama, on Saturday, April 19, we would love for you to come to this wonderful event (on the grounds of Old Alabama Town) that promotes literacy and Alabama-rooted authors, and brings book-lovers together for the benefit of all involved.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the Alabama Book Festival, for including Otis Goes to School in your line-up, and for all that you do for the Camellia state.  We hope to bring you a huge crowd!

OGTS for AL Book Festival

Visit the 2014 Alabama Book Festival website.

Please enjoy a few Excerpts from Otis Goes to School.

Please click here (or at the bottom of the page) to follow Otis on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “Otis Goes to… the Alabama Book Festival!

  1. Can’t say how much we wish we COULD be in Alabama come April. We’d love to ‘meet’ Otis and Oxford and, and, and……….. Unfortunately, things here just won’t let us be there. H&D ;-(


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