“I’m Going to Write My Own Story!”

Otis recently had the opportunity to visit with over 150 children over a two-day visit to Judson Baptist Weekday Ministries in Nashville, and he loved every ear-scratching he received.  These whippersnappers were ages 4 and 5, so we read from the younger line of Otis books: Hello World and the Spring volume of Ella and the Little Red Wagon.

Turns out, everybody there had a story to tell!  That’s the beauty of Otis and his books… he brings out the creativity in everyone.

At the end of the visit on the second day, a darling little girl with curly blond hair and flickers of starlight in her eyes whispered to me, “I’m going to write my own story when I get home!”

Ah how my heart smiled.  Yes you do, sweet child.  Write your story, and make it amazing.  Otis is cheering you on.



THANK YOU FOR A GREAT COUPLE OF DAYS, Judson Baptist Weekday Ministries!  Otis felt right at home in the midst of your loving program, and we would love to return… perhaps in the “dog days” of summer.  Bless you all!


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