Thank You to Landmark Booksellers, Ms. Pat…

…and to all of you who took time out of your Saturday morning to come and join us for the book signing and reading of Otis Goes to School.  Bookstore owners, Joel and Carol Tomlin, were so gracious and welcoming to us, and we felt the presence of our Southern heritage and history all around us within the pre-Civil War walls of what is most likely the oldest building standing in the beautiful city of Franklin, Tennessee.Landmark Booksellers pics.1

As we sat in the same room as folks who have gone on before us, such as Andrew Jackson and Davy Crockett, we were humbled by this opportunity.  We truly enjoyed the chance to share the story of Otis with everyone there… loyal fans, new fans, dog lovers, folks who stopped in from their morning stroll on the sidewalks outside, teachers, students, families of all generations, my own sweet babies and loving husband, our children’s godparents, my darling in-laws, some unexpected and wonderful surprise visitors from out of town… and a sweet little family of four who have a pet cat named, Fido!  I think Otis might approve of that feline friend!Landmark Booksellers pics.2

To the children who were there this weekend: you blessed us abundantly!  This book was written for YOU, with your budding imaginations in mind.  I hope that Otis has found his way into your heart, and that you can see yourself right there in the middle of his adventures.  Your opinion matters most to me, and I’d be quite honored if you would share your book reviews with me!  Ask your folks to help you email me or to post your comments here.  And keep in touch with me… there’s upcoming book news I’d love to share with you, soon!  Lots of little fans send me pictures of Otis, and I’d love to see yours!  Draw a picture of your favorite part of the book, and email it to me.  I’ll proudly post it on the book blog, if it’s ok with you and your family!

Please be sure to visit Landmark Booksellers to pick up a copy of Otis Goes to School, and to enjoy and visit with Joel and Carol Tomlin, learn points of history you may not have heard before, and perhaps find another treasure (or two or three!) to add to your library.  They were marvelous hosts, and we look forward to future signings and readings with them.  The whole city of Franklin was very supportive, and it was quite exciting to see Otis’s posters at businesses all around town.  What a warm community!  Thank you, Franklin!

And the grandest thanks go out to our dear, beautiful friend, Pat Wildrick, who spent countless hours and called upon her loyal friends, family and contacts to promote this event.  She is an inspiration for believing in oneself, pursuing a goal with full force and commitment, always exuding kindness and grace, hoping for the best and expecting even more, accepting “no” with gratitude (while somehow uniquely not taking “no” for an answer!), and touching the hearts of everyone blessed enough to cross her path.  Ms. Pat, my “thank you’s” abound, but they could never be enough.  Your friendship has always been a treasured gift of elegance and loveliness, and your support and encouragement on our journey to publication is unparalleled.  We look forward to more adventures with you at the helm!

I invite you to take a read of Chapter 10’s excerpt (now posted!), when the pixie princess spots Otis at just the right time after a playground mishap… let me know what you think of Otis’s grand adventures!  And thank you for following along.  May the Good Lord bless you!

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