Otis goes to the Southern Festival of Books!

That’s right, folks!  That is the great news we received just last week.  Otis, Yours Truly, and this book that was born out of the true story that is our family life (Otis Goes to School)–we have been blessed with an invitation to attend, present and sign at the acclaimed and celebrated Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, Tennessee, October 10-12, 2014.  We are filled with joy and thankfulness, and we hope to see you there.

Spread the word… it’s a fabulous event for all ages.  Otis will be there graciously accepting all the petting you can share.  Otis Goes to School will be available for purchase (by the official retailer of the Festival, Parnassus Books), and I would dearly love to meet you, sign your books and give you the latest bookmark featuring our star, Otis.

Thank you, again and always, for joining us on this never-fails-to-be-interesting journey!

Southern Festival of Books announcement

*Isn’t the poster for the Book Festival just wonderful?!  This year’s Festival art was created by Cage-Free Visual.  Here’s an up close look…

Southern Festival of Books poster image 2014

Please do stay tuned for more specific details about the Festival, our popular words of the day, our school appearances coming up very soon, sneak-peeks of the latest Otis bookmark, and all things literarily-Otis-related.

As the caption of the Festival encourages: celebrate the written word!


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