Back to School

With the end of Christmas holidays comes the beginning of the Spring semester for school-aged children, and for the faithful, furry members of their families as well.  Otis has enjoyed having his three favorite folks home all day, always ready to play, cuddle, share snacks and romp through the backyard.  He lays his nose by the bottom of the back door when he returns home from the daily drop-off, lets out a little moan and rolls his eyes over to look at me.  I know he must be asking, “Why, oh why can’t I just go with them?”

And then he is pounced in a surprise attack by his fellow canine Bramlett, Oxford the Tiny…  14 pounds of a Schipperke version of Otis’ very own mini-me (a sure thing for the upcoming sequel to Otis Goes to School!), speeding in sync with the three year old toddler around the corner of the living room in a spontaneous post-breakfast race to the kitchen.  Otis seems to grin, and joins in the rollick, pretending to wrestle and rolling over onto his back for another win by Oxford and the toddler.  A swift exhale, a labored flop onto the old wooden floor of the dining room inside the home of this family who adores him, a mid-morning drift into doggie dreamland, and Otis realizes that all is perfect with his world. The older two will return soon enough, life is good, and beyond that… Summertime’s coming!

I am hopeful that your New Year is off to a wonderful start.  Whatever comes your way, I hope that you will find the joy in every moment, every situation, every test and trial, every need to wait or moment to shine.  Patience is part of the plan.  And sure enough, Summertime’s coming.

Thank you for keeping up with Otis, and please click here to enjoy an excerpt from Chapter 9, when Otis spots his precious girl at school for the first time!

Otis and Oxford Jan 2014

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