Merry Christmas from Otis!

What a beautiful season, decorated with sparkles and smiles, wonder and merriment.  The mood is not lost on Otis.  He’s watching out the window for Rudolph’s red nose, attending Christmas tea parties in his best girl’s room, curling up in the nook of the oldest boy’s legs for a reading of Christmas stories, and anxiously awaiting dropped cookie crumbs and popcorn pieces from the littlest chap of the family.  Colored lights twinkle in his eyes and curiously wrapped squeaky toys await their Christmas morning opening by his excited paws.  We are so delighted that the story of Otis waits under trees all around the South this year.  We thank you dearly for joining us on the journey to publication, and we are looking forward to what’s in store for 2014!  A beautifully merry, happy Christmas, to all of you.  Otis sends licks and love, and lots of them.

And please enjoy an excerpt from Chapter 8, now posted!

Merry Christmas from Otis

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