Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Grateful and blessed we are, for all the wonderful folks who attended yesterday afternoon’s book signing, and for those as well who could not make the trip, but sent their crossed-finger wishes to carry us on in celebrating and introducing Otis Goes to School.  In the surroundings of glowing, yuletide decorations perched on uniquely historical bricks, made and mortared by the precious hands of the Hundred Oaks Castle slaves of the 1830s, we met new people and shared reunions with old friends from near and far.  Otis wore a knitted scarf in Christmas red, of course, and wandered amongst the gathering, posing for photographs and a hand-delivered snack or two of Ritz crackers and Goldfish.  He rested calm at my feet while I read Chapter 1 for his new fans, and he enjoyed every ear-scratching that would be shared.

It seems surreal to say that we sold out of books, but we did!  It brings a great, big smile to my face to know that Otis will be wrapped in sparkly papers and tied with colorful bows of all designs, waiting under trees all over the South this Christmas.  And it is my hope that the little hands opening the story belong to children who will come to know and appreciate Otis and the message of love and devotion he brings with his adventures, and that they will be inspired to follow their own imaginations along the untold, twirly paths that await them.

Santa’s elves tell me that only 3 copies are left of the book at Fox’s Donut Den in Green Hills… so go get one!  And get a hot apple fritter and an ice cold milk to wash it down.  We have more books on the way, and we can hardly wait to let the folks on our waiting list know that their orders have arrived.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and please be sure to keep up with us for all the upcoming news of Otis.  Read and share with friends and family, follow the blog, and send us further on the journey to publication!  There will be more book readings around Nashville very soon, and Otis would love to come to your school and meet your students.  He’s already dressed and ready with his white fur tie!

From yesterday afternoon at the book signing:

Book signing at castle

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