Happy Birthday, Mrs. Felts and Robert!

Today is March 25, 2014.  My sweet, supportive, tender-hearted and handsome husband and favorite partner-in-adventure, Robert, celebrates his birthday today.  I could not possibly be more blessed and loved than I am with my heart in his possession.  We’ve had a great morning, hopping around town on a mid-day date, talking about summer plans and Mississippi holes-in-the-wall, enjoying some tasty Martin’s BBQ, and, ironically, watching the snow billow around blizzard-like, and melt away on contact with the ground.

Robert is a fine fellow on many levels, but I believe Otis ranks him as his utmost admired.  When Otis first took up residence in the Bramlett household, he was unsure of this new place called, “home.”  He came to us from a house only one street over… a dwelling hosting a slew of college boys with plans to drop him off at the pound, seeing as how their new apartment-to-be would not allow pets.

So Otis was ours to love.  But his past experiences spoke to him, and he wanted to make sure we were the forever-ones.  So, he made his way back and forth around the neighborhood… three different times, until he decided that he was indeed a part of our family.  Every single time he got loose, Robert was the one who went looking.  And the last time, Robert said, “I’m going to find him.  He’s my dog.”

Robert brought Otis home… home.  And that dog been blessing us ever since.

Robert always has a way of making things work out, just the way they should.  Happy birthday, my Robert.  We all love you.

(Pictured below: Robert with Otis, Tennessee Agricultural Center, 2010.)


And it’s Mrs. Kay Felts’s birthday, too!

Mrs. Felts is kindergarten-teacher-extraordinaire, beautiful friend, and an all-around-wonderful lady of Christ.  She has loved my oldest two children through their earliest days of school, sharing her gentle advice and caring ways with them as they grew from letter-recognizers into readers.  She puts her arms around a class of children with grace; she shares her heart’s smile with the world; and she quietly builds a firm foundation under the feet of her students, preparing them to take their own steps and hops and leaps into the world of learning that awaits them.  Mrs. Felts calmed our uncertain moments, celebrated our children’s accomplishments, and blessed us with a most beautiful friendship, for which we are so deeply thankful.

And to top it off, Mrs. Felts loves Otis!  She has welcomed him into her class on more than one occasion, and she is the inspiration for Chapter 11, of Otis Goes to School.  (Click here for the Chapter 11 tribute to Mrs. Felts and excerpt!)

Happy birthday, Mrs. Felts!  You are an absolutely delightful treasure, and we love you!

(Pictured below: Mrs. Felts in 2010 and 2012, with our oldest two children, on their first days of Kindergarten.)


So, March 25…?  It’s an all-kinds-of-great day.  If today is your birthday, too, then you must surely be someone special.  You are in good company!

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