Hello Fall, and Granbery Elementary!

September is here!  All has been quiet on the Otis blog for a while, but not behind the scenes.  We’ve been busy working on the sequel to Otis Goes to School, as well as several other new and exciting writing projects… some involving some pretty special canine characters!  We will reveal details as we receive permission to do so, but for now, stay tuned and enjoy this adventure that all started with one dog who needed a home.  We are still visiting schools and reading with students, and our favorite moments are with our young fans. Stay in touch and let us know what you like about #OtisGoestoSchool!

Fall is knocking on the door, and school is back in session! Backpacks and lunchboxes for all the students means daytime naps and eyeballing the clock for the most fabulous hour of the day for Otis.  What is that hour?  3pm, of course. The time his three favorite whippersnappers arrive back home from all that book-learning, ready for snuggles and catch-up hugs from the long school day apart.

But tomorrow won’t allow for a nap for Otis!  On Friday, September 11, we are off to visit Granbery Elementary School in Brentwood, TN.  We will visit with 732 (wowee!!) K-4 graders and gladly spread the notion:

reading is a beautiful way to grow your budding imaginations.

Otis is the special guest for this school’s “Wild About Reading” week, and we couldn’t be more excited.  We are looking forward to our largest crowd yet, and Otis is particularly excited about all the petting and loving.  Thank you for inviting us, Granbery.  We are honored to be WILD with you about #READING!


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