OTIS wants YOU…

…to come see him this weekend!  I invite you to share this invitation with everyone you know: repost, retweet, email, whatever social media platform you choose.  Come to the Youth Stage at the Southern Festival of Books on Saturday, at 1pm, and let me thank you in person!  Blessings to all of you who have cheered us on to this milestone.  See you soon!

Ad for Southern Festival of Books time slot

6 thoughts on “OTIS wants YOU…

  1. This looks so cool! Unfortunately, I’m a Californian and a juvenile. I don’t drive and I’m miles and miles away. I”ll have to be content to hear about this. Congrats and good luck!


    • And how beautifully fortunate that a little Californian lady and a Tennessee author (and her pup!) can be in touch! Kudos to the internet, and to you, young writer. I hope Otis will find his way into your heart, and I hope to read more of your imagination in words. Blessings across the miles!


  2. We wish more than you can realize that we COULD come to see Otis this weekend. Hope its a great one!!; we’ll be thinking of Otis and ALL of his friends.


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