Otis and the Fence Plank

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and excited support over getting the word out about Otis Goes to School.  We are looking forward to a fun crowd at Hundred Oaks Castle tomorrow for folks to meet and love on Otis in person, enjoy readings by the warm fire in the ballroom, and experience Christmas at the Castle.  You are invited, of course! Do join us in Winchester tomorrow if you can.

In honor of tomorrow’s big day, Chapter 6’s excerpt – The Fence Plank – is posted!  Please share and enjoy.  And here’s a little food for thought if you are sizing up a fence of your own today:

A fence is a powerful thing… it keeps certain things out and certain things in, people and dogs included!  It provides a place to ponder the options.  It gives the opportunity to take a plunge or hold back for better timing.  It can be built up for protection or torn down for new options.  It can guard from fear, but cause it just the same.  It can pose a challenge to be surmounted, or give reason for excuse.  And to see the fence from the other side doesn’t always call for grand ceremony… just a curious nose to coax a ready-to-wobble portion of the greater mystery.  Yes, the tipping of one plank can shed light on what’s beyond.  And suddenly the perspective is endless, and possibilities appear that didn’t seem to exist when the planks were perfectly aligned.  And the scents!  Well you can just imagine what rushes across the olfactory parts of a canine when the horizon is on his path!  The wondering and wandering is enticing, adventuresome and perhaps unforgettably rewarding.  And then, the appreciation comes of the things that never falter, the things that remain at heart on either side of that fence, no matter the extent of the roaming, and those scents are the sweetest.

Come along with Otis as he follows his snout to find out what really matters in his world… he’s got his paw on the heart of what strikes a cord in all of us, and no fence is any match for this pup.  Click here to enjoy the excerpt from  Chapter 6!

Black and Whites of Otis-6

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