Stamp of Approval

For this author, the next best thing to sharing Otis with young readers, is a teacher’s stamp of approval.  The dual purpose intention of this book is to tell a great story, and, perhaps most importantly, to throw wide open the doors of thought in young children (see previous post, Synopsis: The Sixth Sense of Imagination).  Otis fosters critical thinking, builds impressive vocabulary and invites imaginations to soar with no limits.  When teachers get excited about this book, when they invite me into their schools for readings, when they send me personal notes or share Otis with their students and families, it makes the writer in me grin.  It makes the dreamer in me keep asking, “What if…?”

That is why I was so excited to receive this screen shot of a Facebook photograph, originally taken and uploaded by Mrs. Clohessy, a reading teacher, with thanks to one of her students, who had given her a signed copy of Otis Goes to School.

FBphoto from reading teacher.croppedCool.  Mrs. Clohessy says Otis is “cool!”  I call that a surefire stamp of approval, and I’m excited to meet this wonderful teacher in person, and share Otis Goes to School with her classes at Pearre Creek Elementary, later this spring.

Teachers, my hat is off to all of you.  Thank you for what you do.  You are amazing with your gifts of time and heart, and your ability to tailor your lessons to the vastly different ways that children learn.  You put up with parents from all walks of life, with expectations as varied as the 96 brilliant colors in Crayola’s “Big Box of Crayons.”  You are tireless in reaching every child, and your dedication does not go unnoticed.  I see it daily in the excitement that my own little ones can hardly hold back when they conquer a classroom challenge or discover the worth in their efforts that you inspired.  Your passion is delightful, and unstoppable, and carries forth in the ways you shape the horizons of our children’s ambition.  You.Are.Exceptional.

Mrs. Clohessy, thank you for your stamp of approval, and thank you for what you do.


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