Legendary College GameDay: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

Go Rebels!  It’s a big day in SEC football, and this author is proud to sport her red and blue.  Ole Miss gave me a wonderful education.  Ole Miss believed in me.  Ole Miss professors nurtured my writing passions in a haze of Faulkner-iffic English, journalistic instruction and attention to detail.  The Pride of the South Marching Band played the soundtrack to my adventures in Oxford, and the Walk of Champions carved a path for me.  I was friends Colonel Reb.  I fed squirrels, studied, weaved words, fell in love with my boyfriend (now my husband), and attended and hosted many a tailgate under chandeliers in The Grove.

In the words of the Ole Miss Alma Mater:

Way down south in Mississippi / there’s a spot that ever calls…

I call it home to my younger self… the little country girl with dreams as big as a sentence composed under the alley of cedars of Rowan Oak.

Ole Miss means HOPE to me.  It means, “things that could be.”  And for football fans on this day, Rebels across the world are hoping for something that could be… to BEAT BAMA!

It’s just football, I know.  I realize it’s just a game.  There are far more intense concerns and worldwide issues to work for.  But for a couple of hours on this fine Saturday afternoon, I’m cuddling up with my family and our pups, and cheering for the team that represents the school that inspired me, lifted me up, and sent me on a flight to my future with an ocean’s worth of encouragement.  FINS UP!

It's a Great Day to be a Rebel

One thought on “Legendary College GameDay: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

  1. But then I, of course, MUST proclaim,,,,,, RROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE, ROLL!!! 🙂
    But, good luck to Ol’ Miss anyway (just not quite good
    enough). :-))))


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