by Ashley Nicole Bramlett


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– Acceptance as a featured author at the 26th Annual Southern Festival of Books, Nashville, TN, coming up in October, 2014. 

– Acceptance as a featured author at the 9th Annual Alabama Book Festival, Montgomery, AL.

– Honorary member of the Alabama Writers’ Forum

– Inclusion of Otis Goes to School in the First Lady of Alabama’s literacy and love for reading initiative.

– Honorable Mention, W.O.W.’s nationwide quarterly 24-hour short story contest (Women on Writing, Winter, 2014).

– Book signing, Landmark Booksellers, Franklin, TN.

– Book signing, Hundred Oaks Castle, Winchester, TN.

– Various readings and appearances at schools in Nashville, TN, with many more on the calendar!

The author, Ashley Nicole Bramlett, was born and raised in Prattville, Alabama.  She is a 1995 graduate of Montgomery Academy, a 2001 graduate of the University of Mississippi, a 2006 graduate of Nashville School of Law, and now makes her home in the Music City with her husband, Robert, and their three children.  Officially, Mrs. Bramlett is a new author, proud to introduce to the world her first children’s chapter book, Otis Goes to School.  However, writing has been a constant in her life since long before her elementary school days, and she credits much of her love for the written word to the educators of her high school alma mater.

Growing up in the Autauga County countryside, Mrs. Bramlett was always involved with the arts in some fashion.  When she wasn’t practicing piano or violin, or taking dance classes, she was setting out for the shade of old pines and the cool of the red clay beneath her toes, writing fairytales amongst the wild ferns and winding trails of her very own rural Alabama.

In her college days at Ole Miss, Mrs. Bramlett wrote for the tri-county campus television news station, occupied the anchor seat on air, and landed well-received interviews, winning the accolade of Best Interview by the Mississippi Broadcaster’s Association.  She also wrote for the Ole Miss Sports Information Department, interviewing athletes and producing articles for Rebel magazines and publications.  Graduating with Chancellor’s Honors, Mrs. Bramlett took on law school and graduated alongside her husband.  She and Robert have practiced law with Bramlett Law Offices since 2006.  Answering the call of the creative vein, Mrs. Bramlett opened her own photography business in 2007 (Dogwoods & Dragonflies).  Her elegant, lifestyle portraits hang on the walls of homes across Tennessee and Alabama, and she thoroughly enjoys the art of capturing those fleeting, unexpected moments, bending the light around a flash in time, in a way that captures the essence of the occasion.

Blessed with their greatest gifts in 2005, 2007 and 2010, the Bramletts adore their three children, Paul Kent, Ella and Preston.  Stairsteps who complete their family and shape life into the unpredictable, unbelievably rewarding ride that it is, they are the inspiration for Mrs. Bramlett’s author-related endeavors.

And all the while she writes.  The threads that tie the chapters of her life together are interlaced with an ever-lengthening string of words.  In fact, she cannot remember not writing.  Her mother insisted on thank-you notes with heartfelt details, sent to relatives and friends who gave birthday and Christmas presents, and her father imparted the journalistic importance of telling a story, any story, in total and in truth.  Around age 5, Mrs. Bramlett wrote her first “book” on crumpled typewriter paper, stapled it together and illustrated it with her No. 2 pencil.  It was called “The Mystery of the Moving Tree.”  And so the yarns began to be woven.

Otis Goes to School is Mrs. Bramlett’s first chapter book for young readers.  The story itself is a heartwarming tale framed with the bones of a true story, and has been well received by students and readers of all ages. Promoting a love for the written word, Otis reaches further for a noble purpose through its challenging vocabulary, pushing the envelope of critical thinking and inspiring young readers to dig deeper and discover the far corners of their own imaginations.  The Bramletts are proud to call the real Otis their own, and they have recently added a new rescue pup, Oxford, to the family, so it is only fitting that the sequel is in the works!

Mrs. Bramlett has appeared at book signings and readings at bookstores, schools and other events in Tennessee.  Her most recent honors include acceptance to the 2014 Alabama Book Festival as a presenting author, and honorable mention in the 2014 24-Hour Short Story Winter Contest put on by WOW (Women On Writing).  She is the author of other related titles, including the currently four-volume early reader series, Ella and Little Red Wagon, in which the lovable Otis appears as a sidekick to his favorite girl discovering the wonders and treasures of each season.  Otis also makes a cameo appearance in her picture book, Hello World.

Ashley Bramlett - Author

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